The San Marco farm

The welcome of Mowgli

Many are the memories that Mowgli left us perhaps the most beautiful was when I found him on the side of the road. It was a tiny puppy with a pair of huge ears. More than a dog, he looked like a fox. The first month we fed it with a syringe. Later, he took his place in the activity of our B & B, becoming the receptionist for our guests. Mowgli, pretended to be greeted first, and woe if this did not happen! He was offended to death and did not consider you anymore! His incredible personality was famous on the web, to such an extent that it became the main attraction. Moreover, without taking anything away from his skill, he had a declared hatred of motorcyclists. I wonder why?

The eyes of Bagheera

When Mowgli left us, “in the old farm” San Marco and fell a bit ‘of sadness. Fortunately, Bagheera arrived and took her place to collect the compliments and affectionate caresses of everyone. With the panther of the Jungle Book, it shares its beauty. His very sweet eyes seem to be made up with an emphasis on Rimmel. When he feels the arrival, a lot before us, of a car, he asks to go out and runs to welcome the new guests. She is always a peaceful and affectionate companion, a cuddle of excellence, always ready to be on her stomach. Our dog despite a childhood to forget, in which it was beaten by a half-mad master, still trusts men.

Mustapha: “the rooster that must never ask”

Not to forget anyone, they deserve a special mention, a staff of cats that carry the strangest names. They have invited themselves to our house, one behind the other. We have witnessed numerous love stories between them and the birth of many beautiful kittens. Then some, not being able to keep them all, we gave them away. One has even become French! Then we come to the hens. To tell the truth, “in the old farm” San Marco are the real protagonists of them. Under the watchful direction of their master and teacher, Mustapha, the rooster cat. Carla has assigned a name to each of them: Salome, the wife of Mustapha, Nerina, Bianchina and Pio, the last arrived. All of them, in need of affection, can be picked up. Except Mustafa: he is “the cock that should never ask” and therefore retains a certain distance.