The history of the San Marco b&b

The passion for the theater
Carla and Philippe are two artists with a passion for theater, who in 2002 decided to open a b & b in the countryside of Montefalco, a beautiful village in the province of Perugia in Umbria.
Fate brought me to Foligno in Umbria
Hi everyone, I’m Philippe! The history of the San Marco b & b began in some way in 1978 when I won the “Aide à la Création” award for the best theatrical performance, which was awarded to me by the French Ministry of Culture. The important recognition gave me the opportunity to travel and the admiration for Fellini and Visconti made me choose Italy. I traveled with so much enthusiasm and after touring the beautiful country for two months, fate took me to Foligno in Umbria. There I met a theater group looking for a director. It was thus that the Microthéâtre of Paris took root in the “lu Centru de lu Munnu”.

The love at first sight with Carla and the birth of Lorenzo
Among the members of this new group was Carla, the most beautiful and kind woman in this world. The lightning strike was immediate and nine months later little Lorenzo was born to testify. The activity of the theater group was very productive, in fact, we participated in several regional and international festivals. However, despite the success, the first economic problems appeared and, in order to overcome them, we opened a laboratory of artistic prints that went very well.

The opening of the b&b in 2002 and the initial difficulties
Hello! I’m Carla Romagnoli. I remember how it was today, it was the distant 2002 when Philippe Papapietro and I, we finally managed, after a life dedicated to the theater, to finish the work to transform our home in b & amp; b. Then to make it grow, we worked hard, but certainly we did not make much effort to choose the name. In fact, we called it San Marco, like the area where it is located. Because the house, for those who have not yet understood, is located in Umbria just minutes from the beautiful Borgo di Montefalco, in the province of Perugia. At the beginning, opening the structure was not difficult. In fact, the bureaucratic formalities were few and simple. Instead it was difficult to start the business and try to attract the first guests. Take it off, it required patience, perseverance, invention and sacrifice.

The b&b finally fills up
Hello! I’m Philippe Papapietro. Many years have passed, but I still remember the enthusiasm of the beginnings. But I also remember the concern for guests who did not arrive. I must say that the intuition of publishing an advertisement in a French national newspaper was our luck. In fact this allowed us to have rooms full of French throughout the summer. A true full-blown transalpine colony. From that moment on, the word of mouth began to work in full. Carla’s talent in welcoming guests did the rest. Progressively we no longer went to the B & B San Marco, but from Carla.