Nicola Papapietro in art “Puscibaua”

Nicola arrives: the future singer-songwriter
Nicola, our second child, was born practically in San Marco. He grew up in the Montefalco countryside, in a setting of peace and symbiosis with the natural cycles of the seasons. This allowed him to develop and refine his natural propensity for music and writing. “Puscibaua” – this is his stage name – is a sensitive songwriter, who lives his life between concerts and theater performances. Instead his elder brother Lorenzo, has dedicated body and soul to sport. How many kilometers of travel on the hills of San Marco. Next year he will participate in his fourth marathon. I think I can say that our little family resembles the nature that surrounds us. This harmony, we try to communicate it to our guests.On the other hand it is their fidelity, the proof that they find here, not only an accommodation, but also a particular human warmth.

Nicola vince Arezzo wave Umbria
For the 2018 edition of the contest, Nicola Papapietro has popped up among the six proposals arrived, at the regional final, on the stage of the Darsena di Castiglione del Lago. Talent, originality and sympathy. Music and texts that travel arm in arm, between irony and melody with guitar and voice to stand alone an important stage like that of Arezzo Wave. These are the ingredients that have convinced the umbra jury to award the victory of the Umbrian contest of Arezzo Wave to the singer-songwriter Puscibaua, son of both American and European folk as well as Nirvana. On the stage of the Darsena di Castiglione del Lago, which hosted the regional final of the Arezzo Wave Live Band contest (the first live competition in Italy for both capillarity and number of members), Nicola Papapietro, this is the true name of the 26 year old musician he had the best of the other five Umbrian finalists for a very rich evening musically speaking: The left hand, In Wave, Big signs the great bookie, Eezu, Miptera.

Nicola in art “Puscibaua”
A love for music that of Nicola Papapietro that begins at a very young age, around 4 years old, when he starts playing the accordion first (a kind of accordion for children) and then the piano. At the same time, he also cultivates a particular passion for reading and writing, and everything merges around 2012: when the guitar is self-taught, the first songs with the name Puscibaua arrive immediately. In these years he shared the stage with some great names of Italian independent music such as Iosonouncane, The Social State, Giorgio Poi, Lucio Corsi, L’Officina della Camomilla and Marco Parente. In 2015 he played in two videoclips shot by Francesco Lettieri (Calcutta, Liberato, Thegiornalisti, Giovanni Truppi) for the Ligurian singer-songwriter Mezzala. In October 2017 his first ep came out, ‘The Blasphemy’. Now the winner of Arezzo Wave Live Band Umbria 2018 will have the opportunity to perform in many Arezzo Wave partner festivals and, why not, be chosen as a national winner.

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