Cheap b&b in montefalco

The b&b San Marco is a quiet and regenerating place, where you can find cheap rooms. Also here we are all welcome: young people, adults, seniors. Enlarged, patriarchal, matriarchal, reunited nuclei in search of a label. Lovers of animals, sport, the sofa. Careful observers of stars, monitors, printed words. Poets, pilgrims, thinkers, tasters, workers, employees, teachers, with particular attention to four-legged friends: in short, all!

For children who have never seen a live chicken

However, joking aside, spending a few days in our facility is very useful for families with children. Here there are no cars, no dangers. Therefore parents can relax and enjoy the holiday. While the little ones can have fun in a different way, from how they are used every day. Especially for those living in the city, who are often locked up at home and are always stuck on TV or the internet. Important especially, the contact with animals and nature that often misses him. Many children have never seen a live chicken! Instead, contact with nature and animals will be a unique experience for them. In our house, they will breathe clean air, play and have fun caressing the animals, and discovering so many new and exciting things.