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The history of the San Marco b&b

The passion for the theater Carla and Philippe are two artists with a passion for theater, who in 2002 decided to open a b & b in the countryside of Montefalco, a beautiful village in the province of Perugia in Umbria. Fate brought me to Foligno in Umbria Hi everyone, I’m Philippe! The history of […]

Nicola Papapietro in art “Puscibaua”

Nicola arrives: the future singer-songwriter Nicola, our second child, was born practically in San Marco. He grew up in the Montefalco countryside, in a setting of peace and symbiosis with the natural cycles of the seasons. This allowed him to develop and refine his natural propensity for music and writing. “Puscibaua” – this is his […]

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